Introducing CX-One: Driving New Efficiencies in the Intelligent Document Processing Domain

January 10, 2024
Ryan Cullen, Director of Business Development and Inside Sales

Today, we launched the next generation of our CX-One platform with an exciting new brand: Calibrai. As a global market leader for many years, codemantra has the expertise, experience, and vision to take another leadership position in the software-as-a-service platform space, bringing next-level automation to content transformation, leveraging AI/ML and Gen AI technologies.

Codemantra will continue to focus on service offerings especially in Publishing, while the focus of Calibrai brand offerings will be software powered IDP automation via the CX-One platform and associated services.

Calibrai’s CX-One™ is an end-to-end solution for addressing pervasive challenges around locked up data and insights within static content, streamlining manual processes, and transforming unstructured digital files. CX-One offers a comprehensive solution for content extraction, content conversion, metadata management, and integration with downstream systems, customized to each organization’s business rules.

Calibrai is a one-stop solution for content transformation and remediation. Calibrai’s AI/ML- powered CX-One platform coupled with strong HIL (human in loop), automates digital document accessibility compliance, captures, and extracts actionable insights along with associated metadata, and transforms documents into any desired digital format.

With CX-One, data extraction from content, previously considered impossible, becomes achievable and compliant with accessibility standards and industry regulations. We also announced new leadership, with the appointments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
industry veterans. The existing Codemantra India operation continues to thrive with a new and expanded technology facility in Chennai. The global headquarters has moved from Boston to Dallas.

Learn more by reading our News Release here and contact us here to schedule a demo.

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